Asthma Assist Device

Our device “Asthma Assist” is the first in its class because it was designed through the “minds-eye” of an asthmatic. Our device is built to monitor a child’s physical condition and the environment in order to warn when a child is at high risk of having an asthma attack. It acts as a bridge to help parents and kids control asthma triggers and irritants by giving real­time notifications of possible environmental factors that could lead to asthma attacks.  The device can calculate the environmental factors and make recommendations of activities to help the kids avoid situations that could trigger an attack.  It will also work as a home respiratory therapy tool giving information to help children to build lung function by having them exercise at optimal times. This is accomplished through our proprietary video game controller designed to monitor their lung function while having fun. The data collected by the device can be shared through a HIPPA-secure portal with doctors and researchers, opening a new age of real­time clinical research.

This will empower children with asthma to take an active part in managing their condition, it will alert parents of possible threats giving them peace of mind, and it will give doctors a 360° view of their patients’ condition giving them the data to make better recommendations.

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